This Wiki contains all the information a dragonologist must know. I learned all of this from the great, one and only Dr. Earnest Drake, himself! Dr. Earnest was the current-- and last-- Dragon Master. To learn more about The Order of Dragonologists, click the link.

Different Species of DragonsEdit

There are about 55 known species of dragons. Here is a list of all of them:

  1. Grey Widowmaker
  2. Winchester
  3. Greyling
  4. Longwing
  5. Regal Copper
  6. Yellow Reaper
  7. Anglewing
  8. Bright Copper
  9. Chequered Nettle
  10. Grey Copper
  11. Malachite Reaper

    Indraigir carrying Beatrice and Daniel Cook.

  12. Parnassian
  13. Marsupial
  14. Knucker
  15. Wyvern
  16. Wyrm
  17. European
  18. Sharpsitter
  19. Xenica
  20. Lung Yu (Jade Dragon)
  21. Lung Qin (Imperial Dragon)
  22. Lung Tien (Celestial Dragon)
  23. Shen Lung
  24. "Emerald Glass" (Chinese name not known)
  25. "Scarlet Flower" (Chinese name not known)
  26. Chanson-de - Guerre (Song of War)

Latest activityEdit

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Dragon Rider

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